Bluetooth beacon to send advertising data only once

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Bluetooth beacon to send advertising data only once

Postby Pranav2410 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:04 pm

I am currently working on the project which has BLE advertisement beacon and my aims to reduce the power consumption.
I have implemented the BLE advertisement which has this parameters.
  1. static esp_ble_adv_params_t ble_adv_params = {
  2.     .adv_int_min = 0x0020,
  3.     .adv_int_max = 0x0020,
  4.     .adv_type = ADV_TYPE_NONCONN_IND,
  5.     .own_addr_type  = BLE_ADDR_TYPE_PUBLIC,
  6.     .channel_map = ADV_CHNL_ALL,
  7.     .adv_filter_policy  = ADV_FILTER_ALLOW_SCAN_ANY_CON_ANY,
  8. };
So our beacon will send the data every 20ms.
Now I want to know if I can advertise only once rather than every 20ms, so will meet the aim of my project to reduce the power consumption and increase the battery life.

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