WPS not working correctly

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WPS not working correctly

Postby sm9ai1 » Thu Jan 20, 2022 2:51 pm


I have an issue getting WPS to work correctly on an ESP32-C3 demo board running ESP-IDF v4.3.2

I am using unmodified demo code (Examples/WiFi/WPS)

If I put the router into WPS, then start the demo it will connect to the router correctly. :)

If I start the demo, then put the router into WPS it will not connect and WPS will timeout. :(
At the end of the timeout, the demo restarts the WPS procedure again, and it then connects.

I don't believe this is correct behavior, as it shouldn't have to wait for the timeout before connecting.
I also don't think restarting the WPS connection after timeout is a good idea.

Does anyone else experience this? Or is there a setting that is missing :?:

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