make monitor does not work on Win 7

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make monitor does not work on Win 7

Postby Meirssv » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:36 pm


When I run the "make monitor" command in the msys2 mingw32 shell after following the "setup toolchain" guide the shell windows get "corrupted"...

Everything went well, even the make flash finished with success. The "make monitor" command just prints out "MONITOR" and exits back to the prompt. Everything I type in now is invisible... but the shell responds. if I type 'pwd' and enter for example, I get to see the current folder:

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svme@LTDELL11986 MINGW32 ~/esp/hello_world
$ make monitor

svme@LTDELL11986 MINGW32 ~/esp/hello_world
$ /c/Users/svme/esp/hello_world

svme@LTDELL11986 MINGW32 ~/esp/hello_world

What might be happening here?

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Re: make monitor does not work on Win 7

Postby andreykorol » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:47 am

try to change in ".../components/esptool_py/Makefile.projbuild"

also i comment this strings:
# [ -f $(APP_ELF) ] || echo "*** 'make monitor' target requires an app to be compiled and flashed first."
# [ -f $(APP_ELF) ] || echo "*** Run 'make flash monitor' to build, flash and monitor"
# [ -f $(APP_ELF) ] || echo "*** Or alternatively 'make simple_monitor' to view the serial port as-is."
# [ -f $(APP_ELF) ] || exit 1

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Re: make monitor does not work on Win 7

Postby ESP_Angus » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:51 am

Hi Meirssv & andrey,

There must be something different about your Windows 7 environments which is causing this problem. I just verified on a clean Windows 7 VM that monitor works correctly with the latest Windows toolchain+environment and IDF master branch, and it does.

The problems I've seen on Windows installs are either due to system installed Python taking precedence (do you have Python installed?) or due to using the wrong terminal (not mingw32.exe), although that doesn't seem to be the problem for Meirssv.

Can you both please run the following two commands in your terminals and post the output:

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env | grep PATH
env | grep -i python

EDIT: Maybe is could also have something to do with locale. What language are you each using Windows in?

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