ESP_GAP_SEARCH_INQ_CMPL_EVT stops coming after some time.

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ESP_GAP_SEARCH_INQ_CMPL_EVT stops coming after some time.

Postby 7amansharma » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:59 am

I am using 5 secs as the scan duration by calling esp_ble_gap_start_scanning(duration).
When there is no wifi ap ....a task tries to connect at regular intervals waiting for ap availability.
there are also some other tasks like ble scanning tasks ,ble result parsing task and writing data to sd card ,transferring data to a remote server etc etc
when there is a wifi available everything works fine but when there is no wifi...after 1.5 hour or so ESP_GAP_SEARCH_INQ_CMPL_EVT event stops coming but ESP_GAP_SEARCH_INQ_RES_EVT comes as usual.
Its like scanning duration automatically gets changed to infinite scan duration.
Is this a bug ?
How can i resolve it ?

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