ESP32 Explorer - Examination and Interaction with a running ESP32

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ESP32 Explorer - Examination and Interaction with a running ESP32

Postby kolban » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:07 pm

I tinker with tools and projects for my own use to the point where they meet my immediate needs. In the past I have polished these up and made them available ... which I continue to plan to do. However, some are of low use while others might hold more interest. With that in mind, I wanted to get my projects "visible" sooner than later to gauge interest. If there is low/no interest, no need for me to polish them further. However if there is interest, then they go higher up the list and get support.

Here is one of those projects. I call it "ESP32 Explorer". It is a library/application that can be used to examine and manipulate the state of your ESP32. As a stand-alone app, you can do things like toggle GPIOs and work with the embedded file system. As a library linked to your own app, you can do all those things plus examine and tweak internal state.

I originally needed this tool to be able to upload/download files from the ESP32 while it was running but it blossomed from there.

Details can be found here:

(see the text and images at the bottom of the page)

Right now it is all very rough but the idea should be understandable. What I'm trying to determine is interest in the community for it to be enhanced/polished with better UI or features that you would like to see added.

Free book on ESP32 available here:

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Re: ESP32 Explorer - Examination and Interaction with a running ESP32

Postby snahmad75 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:01 pm

Still not working for /spiflash stroage.

make flashfatfs is part of project : is separate project.

After make flash ESP32_Explorer .bin. I tried both make flashfatfs and make copyfatfs from project:

It is overriding my ESP32 Explorer image in flash. both uses now same partition.

I managed to make it work with SD card. ideally wants to run this ESP32_Explorer with /spiflash.

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