Simba and Pumbaa (Python) on ESP32

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Simba and Pumbaa (Python) on ESP32

Postby eerimoq » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:38 pm

Hello all,

the Simba and Pumbaa projects have been ported to the ESP32, and the Nano32 board in particular. Simba is an embedded OS with a bunch or drivers, file systems, networking and other useful modules. Pumbaa is MicroPython on top of Simba, with similar features as listed for Simba.

Both projects can be installed, built and uploaded with the Arduino IDE and PlatformIO, so it's easy to get started!

Simba getting started: ... arted.html
Pumbaa getting started: ... arted.html

Check out this video for some great Pumbaa footage and tunes:


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