Connection Timeout in gatt_server & gatt_server_service_table examples

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Connection Timeout in gatt_server & gatt_server_service_table examples

Postby QuangPhu » Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:35 am

Hi everyone,
I am newbie of ESP32. I am working o ESP32 Core board v2. First I test with example in ESP-IDF SDK first with GATT in two sample: gatt_server and gatt_server_service_table. Board can broadcast ok, but when I try to connect, there some problem:
1. I connect with app nrf Connect on phone. Connect ok, can read and write, but, after duration (30-60s), board suddenly disconnect, and app display CONN TIMEOUT. I try to look in code, but can not see anywhere to increase Connection timeout. So I want to ask how can I modify connection timeout, and what I have to do in case of I want to keep connection continuously?
2. If I don't use nrf Connect app, when I turn on Bluetooth on device I can see broadcast, but cannot connect to it, how can I fix for this. I use ASUS Zenphone 2, Android 5.1.
3. In future, I want to connect with laptop as bluetooth mouse, Is it possible? Because, When board broadcast, on Win 10 laptop, can see but cannot connect; on Win 7 laptop, can not see anything.
Thank you and hope to have your responses soon.

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