MPU9250 DMP Library for ESP32

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MPU9250 DMP Library for ESP32

Postby rupin.chheda » Mon May 06, 2019 4:54 am

I am working on a DIY joystick with an ESP32 and needed a IMU for motion tracking.
The Sparkfun Repo ... no_Library was one of the available libraries, but this library was made for the Razor DOF product of sparkfun, which has an SAMD core.

I have been able to modify the library and get good results with the ESP32. My fork and modifications are available here ... no_Library

If you have the IMU and the ESP32 with you, I would urge you to play with this library and give me feedback. Will submit a PR sometime in a couple of weeks once I am able to test the changes thoroughly.

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Re: MPU9250 DMP Library for ESP32

Postby alexandreifpb » Wed May 08, 2019 7:28 pm

Hello rupin.chheda, I'm trying your fork, the program normally compiles without any problem is written to ESP32. The setup is executed successfully, the MPU9250 module is found, but I am not receiving data from the module when the

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imu.dataReady ()
command is executed. I made some modifications to debug what is happening and I have identified that I am receiving an

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INV_ERROR (0x20)
response to the command.

The test form performed in a "Heltec WIFI_LoRa_32" and the module "GY-91"

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