Arduino program size and external Flash

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Arduino program size and external Flash

Postby plinio_rigel » Mon May 27, 2019 3:48 pm

Hello guys. I am developing an application with BLE of ESP32 with the Arduino IDE and I encountered the problem that only loading of BLE libraries consumes 89% of ESP32 memory, that is, 1172353 bytes of 1310720 bytes available. At this point I no longer understood anything. I'm using the Wroom32 module and in the IDE I selected the "ESP32 Dev Module" hardware. Well, this WROOM hardware uses an external flash of 4MB and I know it's already selling modules with 16MB. I've also seen that it has a line of ESP32 (ESP32-D2WD) that has 2M internal flash. So my questions are
1 - In which memory are being written the code that I compile in Arduino.
2 - Why the Arduino only recognizes 1.3MB as the external flash is 4MB and the internal flash (if applicable) is 2MB?
3 - With the hardware selection "ESP32 Dev Module", the option to choose flash size (2, 4 and 16) appears, however, no matter which option I choose, the compiler always recognizes 1.3MB of capacity. Can anyone explain me how the memory mapping of this chip is done.
Thanks guys!

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