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Connection time, MQTT connect time, and current draw?

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:07 pm
by brolly759
I am using the Arduino IDE version of the SDK for ESP32. The time it takes for me to get an IP address is usually around 1000 - 1050ms (using WPA). The time it takes to connect to an MQTT broker varies. Anywhere from 1.4s to 3s. I am using for a test connection. Does anyone have any better times than this?

The idea is that a battery powered solution can connect quickly to a router, connect to MQTT broker, send a message, receive any messages queued waiting for it to arrive, and then go back to sleep.

Has anyone done any current consumption tests and connection times for the ESP32 in deep sleep mode and implementing an MQTT broker?

Thanks for any help you can provide!