DevKitC on Arduino IDE

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DevKitC on Arduino IDE

Postby andbled » Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:24 am

Hi everyone!!
First of all, excuse me if this is not the correct way to open a new topic (but I did not see a related topic on the forum).

My concrete questions is: what is the board that we have to select on Arduino IDE if we are using the ESP32-DevKitC-VB?

I would like to explain my case. We have developed a large firmware on arduino IDE with the "Adafruit ESP32 feather board" (it really has 4 MB flash although they indicate 16MB). During the last developing steps we have realized that we need more flash (we have checked it with "free heap" and so on). After testing different options (different partitions, board configuration, etc) we decided to acquire another EP with more memory space.
We have decided to buy the ESP32-DevkitC-VB (with additional 8MB PSRAM), and our idea is to directly use the previous developed code (firmware). When we try to select the board on Arduino IDE, there are many different options available, but no DevKitC appears.

So, my concrete question is what is the board that we have to select on Arduino IDE if we are using the ESP32-DevKitC-VB?.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support and oppinions. I hope you can guide me to solve this little issue.

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Re: DevKitC on Arduino IDE

Postby boarchuz » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:26 pm

Flash and RAM are different things. You might tinker with your partition layout if you're hitting flash limits; you might check free heap to debug RAM issues. Make sure you're clear what your problem is.

Looks like it uses a WROVER so select the generic one for that- something like "ESP32-WROVER" probably.
That will set the flag to enable PSRAM. Flash size should be determined automatically regardless of board selection.

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