Sending audio file from ESP32 Arduino Bluetooth (transmit) to Bluetooth speaker (receiver)

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Sending audio file from ESP32 Arduino Bluetooth (transmit) to Bluetooth speaker (receiver)

Postby drprez » Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:19 pm

our issue is as follows we are wemos D1 pin d4 connecting to a D 32 with pin 16 and the power from the
D 32 is coming off the 3.3 V and ground on the d1 when we powered that way with the USB being plugged into the D1 we cannot make a connection to a Bluetooth speaker without pressing the reset button on the d32. then something from pressing the reset does someting and then it will connect to a bluetooth speaker,

we have also tried powering in the micro usb on the d1 and connecting the 5v and gn between boards to power the d32, again it will not connect with out pressing reset.

But if we plug into the d32 micro usb and power the d1 from the d32 it connectss no problem dont need a reset or anyting

so what or how do i fix this as we need the micro usb to be on the d1. the d32 should have plenty of power on the 5 v pin why is it doing this still?

here is the data from serial monitor on the d32 here is what we did

i load code on d32

then load our code on d1 only connection between the 2 is on pin 16 on d32
our device connects to speaker but no sound
then i press our test button on our config page our light works but no sound
then i press the reset button on the d 32 the d32 disconnects and reconnects to the speaker
then i press our test button on our config page and it works both the light and sound play

so it is something to do when i press reset on the d32 that fixes the code issue?
i attached it here

I do power it with 3.3v. Have tried with. 5 v also same problem

Only time I don’t have problem is if I power into micro usb

I’m not using WiFi I know they can’t coexist

The problem resolved if I push reset on board I have used a cap from en to ground thst did nothing

We got the code from the v3.2 branch, so I thought I could just simply get the commit and add arduino-esp32 as a component compile and get all the libs necessary. but its simply not working.
the fix implemented on the commit mentioned above works perfectly but unfortunately is restricted only to esp-idf at the current moment. I wanna use it on the arduino IDE
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