Connecting two MCP3xxx devices on VSPI bus

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Connecting two MCP3xxx devices on VSPI bus

Postby blobkat » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:11 am

Hello guys,

I have an ESP32-PoE-ISO from Olimex, and I'd like to connect an MCP3008 and MCP 3004 to it.

I'd like to put both on the VSPI bus, with different slave selects. However it seems that most arduino libraries for the MCP series assume that when you initialise the library with custom pins set, you want to use software SPI and not hardware.

Is there a library out there that can handle this? It should be pretty easy right? In total I just need 5 pins and I'd like to avoid the HSPI bus because if SPI devices already start talking during boot it might give issues apparently on that bus.

The library that comes closest right now to me seems this one:

It uses the HSPI bus but seems small enough to modify to my needs.

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