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CALE is a new project with ESP32 in mind: To make a simple Eink Firmware that refreshes with fresh content from the web

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:30 am
by fasani
Hello dear ESP32 community members,

Since 2 months, especially latest weeks, since right now Europe is the main focus of this COVID19 I've concentrated building this web service that started with this Firmware in Hackaday

My idea is basically to provide a service that is free for personal use and allows us to build simple API Mashups like:
  • Google Calendar
    Timetree and other sharing Calendar applications
    Server monitoring (Cloudwatch to begin with)
    Weather APIs
Included APIs at the moment of writing this post are this ones.

What this web service will enable you as user is to compose Screens selecting a template. For example you can select a 2 Columns template and place in:
1- Google Calendar
2- Weather service for your city


And have an Eink display that will wake up every 2 hours using Espressif ESP32 or ESP8266 deepsleep and pick a fresh image from CALE. This is how it's supposed to work at the beginning, but there is more to come, and I'm also in the process of building an ESP32-S2 Firmware with ESP-IDF.

That said, I would like part of you that may be interested in having this in the office or at home, to try it out. Also to try the Firmware we programmed for it and gives us some constructive feedback.

From Berlin, quarantined since 1 week, and working from home I send you all my best regards