st_ap mdns questions

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st_ap mdns questions

Postby giannisv » Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:00 am

Hi there,
Trying to figure out the following but I think I am in need of some help from more expert programmers.

I have a setup of two esp32 both with ap_sta

-) ap_sta mode (esp32 A).
-) connected to the first ones AP ( esp32 B)

The A is connected to the local router and has access to the internet.
Also A creates an AP.
The B can connect to the A's AP but the A cannot find it by hostname set up with esp32mdns.

a) The hostname on A and B has been correctly configured using the #include <esp32mDNS.h> and has been tested and can be resolved but it seems esp32 A cannot find the B board by hostname ( although it's connected to it ). It can only acces it by IP.
Any ideas why is that ?

espA http request by hostname on espB http code -1

computer http request by hostname on espA success
computer http request by hostname on espB success

b) B cannot connect to the internet when connected to the A's AP. Seems like that the STA AP mode in A is not routing the requests of B to the internet. Is it possible for B to connect to the internet through A's AP.

Looking forward to any ideas!

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