Secure Boot & Flash Encryption Using CLI only - Step By Step

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Secure Boot & Flash Encryption Using CLI only - Step By Step

Postby Munque » Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:51 pm

Goals here
- Use only CLI command line to generate all necessary files for Secure Boot & Flash Encryption and save to a server before pushing to ESP-32.
- Do this in "reflashable" mode. We will save and secure the necessary files.

I've gotten this far (and am pretty certain this is not yet correct)

- Is the order correct? For instance, sign first then encrypt?
- I understand that when updating OTA the update is plain text, and it gets automatically encrypted after flashing, correct? Is the same true for the initial non-OTA version? Or does that need to be encrypted as it is below?
- If it's necessary to both sign & encrypt, do you sign and then encrypt, or encrypt and then sign? Below we're signing, then encrypting (and maybe we don't have to encrypt?)

1 Generate Signing Key generate_signing_key ./secure_boot_signing_key.pem

2 Generate Flash Encryption Key generate_flash_encryption_key ./flash_encryption_key.bin

3 Extract Public Key extract_public_key --keyfile ./secure_boot_signing_key.pem ./public_verification_key.bin

4 Digest Private Key digest_private_key --keyfile ./secure_boot_signing_key.pem --keylen 256 ./secure_boot_private_digest.pem

5 Digest Bootloader digest_secure_bootloader -k ./secure_boot_private_digest.pem --output ./bootloader_digest.bin /path/to/bootloader_dout_80m.bin

6 Encrypt Bootloader encrypt_flash_data --keyfile ./flash_encryption_key.bin --address 0x0 --output ./secure_bootloader_encrypted.bin ./bootloader_digest.bin

7 Encrypt Partition sign_data --version 1 --keyfile ./secure_boot_signing_key.pem --output ./App-esp32.partitions_signed.bin ./App-esp32.partitions.bin

8 Encrypt Partition encrypt_flash_data --keyfile ./flash_encryption_key.bin --address 0x8000 --output ./App-esp32.partitions_encrypted.bin ./App-esp32.partitions_signed.bin

9 Sign Binary sign_data --version 1 --keyfile ./secure_boot_signing_key.pem --output ./App-esp32_signed.bin ./App-esp32.bin

10 Encrypt Binary encrypt_flash_data --keyfile ./flash_encryption_key.bin --address 0x20000 --output ./App-esp32_encrypted.bin ./App-esp32_signed.bin

Next steps / Questions:
- Burn the digested bootloader to the efuse? Or a different item?
- That can be done only once per ESP32 (or 3 times total for some models?)
- Only start from 1 again when flashing a fresh ESP32, correct?
- Subsequent updates would require you to not start at from step 1 but from step 6, using the files generated from 1 - 5?
- Possibly skip steps 8 and 10 (Encryption) because that's handled on the ESP32? Sign but don't encrypt?

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