Servo Data Line Noise?

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Servo Data Line Noise?

Postby Brento » Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:55 am

I am having a really bizarre issue with an MG996R servo, controlled by an ESP32-D2WD.

Completely intermittently (once or twice a day, running all day), and without making a call to any Servo class methods, it will jump around. AFAIK know, the power is stable. But, I am wondering if perhaps some noise on the data pin is causing it. It's a very LARGE software application, so, I won't include the dozens of files here. Included is the simplest version. That said, I can tell you none directly share this pin, but, I do have a timer, serial, other PWM and TFT software running here. None, however access the Servo pin.

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#include <ESP32Servo.h>
#define GATE_PIN				13
#define GATE_CHANNEL			5
Servo _Gate;
void setup()
	..other stuff..


void loop()
	..other stuff..

	//This code is the ONLY thing that SHOULD make it move
	//However, once every few hours or so, it'll move anyways (usually to 0 degree angle)
	if ( false )

Perhaps I need to use another pin? Or, maybe it's related to the channel I am using? Nothing else is using this channel, unless 5 is reserved in some internal library somewhere. Can PWM or other things be inducing noise on the Servo pin?

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