2nd Serial Port Access

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Re: 2nd Serial Port Access

Postby Nicodemous » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:47 pm

I've seemed to fix my issue. I changed it to work on UART 2 instead of 1, and for some reason that did the trick. If anyone knows why, I'd love to know, but I'm just happy the camera is now recognized by the ESP32. After that, I was having a problem with the image not saving to the SD card properly. The image file was 47 kB, the the SD card file ended up being 8 kB and obviously wasn't an image file. I edited the library to get it working. there is a variable that delays the camera by 10 ms, i changed it to 15 ms and now the images save properly. If anyone else has these issues, i hope this helps.

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