Connection library suggestion

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Connection library suggestion

Postby phando » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:06 am

What is your favorite library that takes full advantage of the ESP32 and maintains a connection to a server? The reason I ask, is because I am working with swarms of devices that get moved around a lot and need frequent updates. Flashing chips individually just to update the SSID gets quite tedious.

I have been using a home grown library that attempts to connect to wifi with saved credentials. If the credentials are bad it looks for a ble server that is broadcasting updated credentials. Once connected it looks to an OTA server to see if it needs a software update. After all that it will open a socket and maintain a connection with the target server. Is there a robust connection library that does something similar? I know some chips will host its own site with a config page, that sounds rad.

Thanks :D

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