ESP32 to ESP32 Communication Over the Internet

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ESP32 to ESP32 Communication Over the Internet

Postby ddnn88 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:58 pm

Hi all,

I created a project template for designs needing ESP32 to ESP32 communication - for example a smart glove to control RC car directly with no external smartphon or PC software :) .

Here are some project features:
a) separate task to maintain Wi-Fi connection - if Wi-Fi network is gone, ESP32 is trying to connect next Wi-Fi access point. You can hardcode many different Wi-Fi network credentials to allow your project work in different locations with no reprogramming.
b) auto-recovery - if one of ESP32s is temporary gone, after power on it reconnects to second ESP32. It is realised thanks to ping mechanism.
c) it works both in LAN and over the internet - with no static IP addresses, forwarding ports on routers etc.

I tried to keep it simple to make it an easy to modify base for future projects.

The whole description is at ... net-9799df .

I hope you will like it :) and I really appreciate your feedback!

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