FreeRTOS startup times

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FreeRTOS startup times

Postby tuupola » Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:09 am

What are the expected startup times with ESP32 and FreeRTOS. I made a a test program which simply drives GPIO_NUM_12 high. When checking with scope it takes around 690ms for the pin to go high after power has been applied.

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void app_main()
    gpio_set_direction(GPIO_NUM_12, GPIO_MODE_OUTPUT);
    gpio_set_level(GPIO_NUM_12, 1);

    xTaskCreatePinnedToCore(dummy_task, "Dummy", 2048, NULL, 1, NULL, 1);
This seems a bit high to me. Is there anything I can do to shorten the startup time? Or maybe I am hit with the spurious watchdog reset bug mentioned in ECO and workarounds doc. I do not see any watchdog reset message in the console though.

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