MCP795xx RTC ESP-IDF Library

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MCP795xx RTC ESP-IDF Library

Postby commando_j » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:57 pm


Since I had such great success in requesting a library for the MCP23S17, I'm going to see if I get lucky twice!
Does anyone have a native ESP-IDF library working for the MCP795xx RTC/Calendar chip? I have found not one person on the web using this and the ESP32.
In case anyone asked why I used a separate RTC chip; I needed an RTC and Calendar to keep accurate time and date through resets and short power losses. When I made my board, there was so much talk of the ESP32 RTC resetting or having trouble being accurate, I decided to go with a stand-alone chip. I don't know if that's still the case, but I'm sticking with this chip. Also, I needed the IO's on the ESP32 for other things and couldn't use them for the crystal, AND the ESP32 doesn't have a backup battery input for the RTC.
Last point to add, I needed it to be SPI, not I2C, since I am not using I2C for anything, only SPI. So DS1307 was not possible.

Anyways, any info would be appreciated. I'd even take suggetions of another chip that's well supported by ESP32 and is SPI. Thanks

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