Can GPIO12 demage the module?

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Can GPIO12 demage the module?

Postby tatulea » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:18 pm


I have an ESP32-WROVER-B module in a bigger circuit. The board just came from the PCB manufacturer and I was trying to connect it to power and program it. The problem is that when I started it the board was keep restarting and it was getting 1A from the power supply. I figured out that my GPIO12 pin has a pullup resistor and this means that the internal flash was set to 1.8V. I setted the power supply to a lower current (0.2A) and burnt the efuse in order to set 3.3V for the flash.
The problem is that it takes 0.2A from my power supply when I start it and the voltage drops from 3.7V to 2.4V. It is because of a short for sure, but I don't know if my 1.8V produced this problem or not.

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