secure serial commandline over wifi

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secure serial commandline over wifi

Postby tvoneicken » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:27 pm

I'd like to build a secure serial commandline into my esp32 projects but am a bit stuck with the protocol. Ideally I would set-up an SSH server on the esp32 and use that. The two options I've found so far for doing that are to use WolfSSH or to use libssh. WolfSSH uses its own WolfSSL crypto library and needs a pile of hacks to interface to the esp32 TCP stack. Libssh now supports mbedtls as crypto provider, but it's a metric ton of code... Neither option looks like something lightweight I can easily embed into each project of mine...

An alternative could be to use TLS, preferably with a PSK cipher suite to provide auth. What I'm lacking there is a suitable readily available off-the-shelf client. I don't really want to write my own client app for linux, windows, and macos...

Any thoughts? Am I missing some obvious option?

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