SPI Issue ESP32

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SPI Issue ESP32

Postby salmansadique13 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:50 am


I bought one ESP32WROOM32U (16 MB Flash) and one ESP32WROOM32 (4 MB Flash). I tried to connect 2 SPI devices (one SD Card one RFM95 LoRa Module) I used pins MISO (GPIO 19), MOSI (GPIO 23), CLK (GPIO 18), CS for Lora (GPIO5 ), CS for SD card (GPIO 13). I was able to communicate with both on ESP32WROOM32 (4MB Flash) controller, but When I tried the same code on ESP 32WROOM32U (16 MB Flash) it worked for RFM95 LoRa Module but gave Error for SD Card.

Thanks in advance.
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