Starting up esp32

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Starting up esp32

Postby serafisa » Fri Feb 07, 2020 1:43 am

I tried installing esp-idf into C:/esp/esp-idf
it didn't work - the folder is empty
I tried installing esp-idf-tool-setip.exe into C:/esp/tools - that seemed to work
Somehow OneDrive/desktop keeps ending up with the install. How can I direct the installation properly. I tried removing OneDrive from my environment, but it keeps popping up and interfering with the installation

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Re: Starting up esp32

Postby ESP_Dazz » Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:25 pm

serafisa wrote:I tried installing esp-idf into C:/esp/esp-idf
Could you post the Git command you used to pull the esp-idf repo?

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