Using ESP32 with KSZ8863 3-Port Switch

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Using ESP32 with KSZ8863 3-Port Switch

Postby paul41 » Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:25 pm

I would like to us an ESP32 with a Micrel KSZ8863 3-Port Switch. The KSZ8863 has 16 pins defined for the MII interface. The ESP32 has 21 pins defined for the same interface. Most of the pins have matching names but a few don't. The KSZ collision detection MCOL and the carrier sense MCRS do not have obvious counterparts on the ESP32.

Does anyone have an example hardware schematic that they could share of a minimum pin count connection between these two devices for 10/100 Ethernet operation. I plan to use I2C to access the registers on the KSZ switch.

The general application is for a daisy-chained holiday lighting controller project.

Thanks in advance,


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