Espressif, Thank you!

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Espressif, Thank you!

Postby username » Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:07 pm

We have been using the ESP32 in many projects for about a year now. Never had one issue. For us, it works great and it has become our main go to device.

Last week, my boss asked me to investigate the Kendryte 210. I am glad he did because after much researching it made me appreciate Espressif far, far more in the end. Sure, it had more of the features i would like. But they are seriously lacking in the documentation area which is a BIG turn off / deal breaker for me. If you take a look at their Github repo, there is not a whole lot of updates since 2019 which makes me paranoid that its starting to get forgotten. Yet Espressif's is being updated often which shows they are working hard to keep it up to date and getting any kinks out. So i told my boss its a joke to even bother with.

Espressif, shins so bright with all its great documentation & not some half hacked Chinese to English translation. More importantly (to me) the TON of examples they give. IMHO, its the examples that help reduce the learning curve dramatically when learning something new. If Kendryte, put the same effort into all of this as Espressif has then I hate to say I might take a more serious look at it. However, I am at total home using the ESP32.

So in a nut shell i just wanted to say to Espressif, Thank You for all the effort you have put into all the docs, and examples, and web site for a very quick way to learn about it and use it.

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Re: Espressif, Thank you!

Postby ESP_Sprite » Wed Apr 22, 2020 8:53 pm

You are welcome! I'll be the first to say that our processes and documentation aren't perfect either, but it's true that we came a long way since the ESP8266 first came on the market, and it's appreciated that our efforts there are noticed.

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