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ESP Beacon

Postby Sherm17 » Fri May 22, 2020 4:07 pm


I am a research student and trying to have my esp set as an AP, but also trying reduce the current consumption. I did it using softAP in Arduino with the ESP8266 nodemcu, but I wanted to know if I program it using the SDK, will this reduce the current at boot because I would just want to send beacon frames?

When I send a frame, I only want to listen to stations, identity if the channels and data rates are a match and send a probe response to have my SSID appear on devices to "connect".

I have seen that when the esp starts up, the current burst to around 200-400 mA for 10ms or so. I want to use a battery less than 40mAH, but with this start up, I'm pretty sure the boot process will be affected.

If I use probe responses, set random SSIDs, and also deep sleep modes will this reduce the start up current and the overall consumption?

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