failed to connect SSID2 if SSID1 is failed

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failed to connect SSID2 if SSID1 is failed

Postby ht_main1 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:48 am

i have 2 routers, for fail safe i have coded both ssid in code,

cont char* ssid1 = "htMark_01"
cont char* ssid2 = "htMark_02"

so if 1st failed connect to 2nd ssid, the problem i face is whenever ssid1 fails, ssid2 also keep failing, i also scan ap list, i do get ssid2 in scanned list still i get failure on connect.

even when i switch ssid2 and ssid1 i got same result, if 1st fails, then it wont connect to 2nd also.
i do call esp_wifi_disconnect before connecting to ssid2 , still i get failure

[APP] IDF version: v4.0

Code: Select all

JSON of scan list


[0;32mI (23198) esp32: Event Handler invoked[0m
[0;32mI (23198) esp32: [state]failed to connect ssid = htMark_02

is there anyway to do this? how should i debug ?

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