Creating HTTP Server with Basic Authentication

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Creating HTTP Server with Basic Authentication

Postby MihirShah » Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:01 pm

I need to create an HTTP server (not HTTPS with OpenSSL Cretification), with basic authentication (username & password).

I get examples to connect with HTTP server as a client with basic authentication...

sp_http_client_config_t config = {
.url = "",
.event_handler = _http_event_handler,
.auth_type = HTTP_AUTH_TYPE_BASIC,

As I investigated further with structure of "httpd_config_t" .........

* Custom session opening callback.
* Called on a new session socket just after accept(), but before reading any data.
* This is an opportunity to set up e.g. SSL encryption using global_transport_ctx
* and the send/recv/pending session overrides.
* If a context needs to be maintained between these functions, store it in the session using
* httpd_sess_set_transport_ctx() and retrieve it later with httpd_sess_get_transport_ctx()
* Returning a value other than ESP_OK will immediately close the new socket.
httpd_open_func_t open_fn;

* @brief Function prototype for opening a session.
* Called immediately after the socket was opened to set up the send/recv functions and
* other parameters of the socket.
* @param[in] hd server instance
* @param[in] sockfd session socket file descriptor
* @return
* - ESP_OK : On success
* - Any value other than ESP_OK will signal the server to close the socket immediately
typedef esp_err_t (*httpd_open_func_t)(httpd_handle_t hd, int sockfd);

I think "open_fn" can help, but don't know how.

Can anyone help me create an HTTP server with Username & Password as authentication method.

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