Retrieve SPI number (spi_host_device_t) from spi_device_handle_t

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Retrieve SPI number (spi_host_device_t) from spi_device_handle_t

Postby AloyseTech » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:45 pm


I'm trying to retrieve the SPI number (spi_host_device_t) from a spi_device_handle_t to free it (spi_bus_free) at closing of a driver.

I've not managed to do it without trying to de-reference the handle...

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int SPI_Close(void *spiHandle)
    spi_device_handle_t devHandle = *(spi_device_handle_t *)spiHandle;
    //todo: free spi bus, this fail since I'm dereferencing the pointer...
    free((spi_device_handle_t *)spiHandle);
    return 0;
Any advice?

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