IDF Example erh2wifi

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IDF Example erh2wifi

Postby steync4 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 3:23 pm

I was looking for an example on how to use the ESP32 as a transparent wifi bridge.
The eth2ap example works great, but i would like to connect a eth2sta to this, to form a wireless “lan cable”.
I see in previous releases of the IDF (3.1) there was a eth2wifi example, where it could be configured as either ap or sta.

I changed the code of eth2ap, to mimic this example, and i can get the sta to connect to the ap, but on the sta module, i can see packets from the ap module’s lan being transmitted transparently, but packets picked up on the sta module’s lan port never arrive on the ap modules side.

The function esp_wifi_internal_tx returns OK, but nothing is recieved on the other side (ap)

Any ideas where i can look for a solution?

I’ve tried the latest release, as well as the master branch in github.

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Re: IDF Example erh2wifi

Postby makischu » Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:06 pm

Could you solve your problem in the meantime? I was in the same situation and found this thread when searching for advice.

I found out that esp_wifi_internal_tx works, but esp_wifi_internal_reg_rxcb has no effect (IDF version 4.3).

Finally I found a solution that works for me, and described it here:

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