Wifi connection dropped after 15 minutes

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Wifi connection dropped after 15 minutes

Postby geschema » Mon May 10, 2021 1:16 pm

Our ESP32 seems to lose Wifi connection after about 15 minutes of operation.

Here's what I'm seeing in the logs:

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D (895423) wifi:recv deauth, reason=0x3
I (895423) wifi:state: run -> init (3c0)
D (895423) wifi:recv deauth/disassoc, stop beacon/connect timer
D (895423) wifi:connect status 5 -> 4
D (895423) wifi:sta leave
I (895423) wifi:pm stop, total sleep time: 715832571 us / 893328118 us

D (895433) wifi:stop CSA timer
D (895433) wifi:remove 2c:91:ab:bd:54:0d from rc list
I (895443) wifi:new:<6,0>, old:<6,0>, ap:<255,255>, sta:<6,0>, prof:1
D (895443) wifi:filter: set rx policy=8
D (895453) wifi:Send disconnect event, reason=3, AP number=0
D (895453) event: running post WIFI_EVENT:5 with handler 0x400e5dbc and context 0x3ffbd7c4 on loop 0x3ffc2858
D (895463) esp_netif_handlers: esp_netif action disconnected with netif0x3ffbd3dc from event_id=5
D (895473) esp_netif_lwip: check: remote, if=0x3ffbd3dc fn=0x400df2ec
What does that mean and what could be the reason for this?


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Re: Wifi connection dropped after 15 minutes

Postby yehuda » Sun Jun 06, 2021 12:12 pm

I get similar issue.
  • W (106930873) Network: Connected to AP
    I (108772613) wifi:state: run -> init (1a0)
what the meaning of "init (1a0)"?

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