ROM image for ESP32-C3 please?

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ROM image for ESP32-C3 please?

Postby Serge.V » Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:03 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm playing with SDK for the new ESP32-C3 chip, and trying to simulate some demos on RISC-V simulator. Unfortunately, I cannot make much progress, as the secondary bootloader calls ROM code. Without the ROM image I cannot run anything.

The documentation on page ... _dump.html refers to the ROM image:
It is possible situation that at the moment of crash some tasks or/and crashed task itself have one or more ROM functions in their callstacks. Since ROM is not part of the program ELF it will be impossible for GDB to parse such callstacks, because it tries to analyse functions’ prologues to accomplish that. In that case callstack printing will be broken with error message at the first ROM function. To overcome this issue you can use ROM ELF provided by Espressif ( and pass it to ‘’.
Unfortunately, this file is not available for download: "404 Not Found".

Can anybody please share this file, or any other image of ROM 0 for ESP32-C3 chip?

Thank you,

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