start iot in rust

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start iot in rust

Postby juliantesla » Tue Jun 08, 2021 2:22 am

Hello, I am developing an iot prototype for which I am using the esp32 and I want to improve the functionality characteristics through the application of the Rust language. It has a guide to start with the configuration in the window 10 operating system.
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Re: start iot in rust

Postby georgik » Tue Jun 08, 2021 7:58 am


Thank you for posting information about Rust. We're working together with community around project to improve the Rust support. There is also discussion esp-rs at

If your target architecture is RISC-V (ESP32-C3) then you can use latest Rust without major issue.

If your target architecture is Xtensa (ESP32, ESP32-S series) read following information:
We're working on preparing custom build of Rust with Xtensa support.
Supported platforms:
- macOS x64, arm64 - works
- Linux x64 - works
- Windows x64 - requires linking to llvm-project Xtensa 11 (not 10)
We're putting together instructions how to get working toolchain. Right now it's in Beta stage and we're updating it often. You can find instructions here:
- Juraj Michálek
Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Espressif Systems

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