I2C and Network traffic -Interrupt Problem --need help

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I2C and Network traffic -Interrupt Problem --need help

Postby JuergenD » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:49 pm

I have a very strange behaviour with I2C and Network traffic through LWIP:

- I am using a couple of I2C devices, some of them with clock stretching. I2C works fine so far and runs reliable without Problems.
- I also use a mongoose web Server, serving some HTML pages and use web requests. Connection is through WLAN as Station. Works also good so far.

Using the latest esp-idf (not the arduino stuff).

My Problem:
when I am hammering the Systems with web requests, the I2C randomly fails with I2C timeouts. after a short period of time (easy to reproduce)

This is why I was digging a little bit deeper in the esp-idf I2C library and I saw that the I2C Interrupt timed out (Interrupt Monitoring) and causes the problem. But only when there is traffic through the LWIP section is high.

I isolated the mongoose web Server and replaced it with a very Basic Server. It is the same Problem.
-> I2C Interrupt times out when there is a lot of traffic on the LWIP side.

Has anybody the same Problem? Is there a Problem with Interrupt priorities if I2C Interrupt and LAN traffic?

I am struggling with this one and I am going to get crazy...



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