BLE , Transmitting Service UUID in GAP mode

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BLE , Transmitting Service UUID in GAP mode

Postby kartikkman » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:12 pm

Hi all , I am learning the BLE . I have currently implemented the GAP mode in ESP-32 .
I would like to state that everything is running fine , but there are problems while advertising the Service Data in the Advertising packet . THe problem is that my peripheral device ( ESP-32 ) is visible in the app but Services by the device are not visible

Below is the my Code & I am using the NRF Connect app for observing the Service UUID & Service Data . If anyone could be point me out in the right direction ( for what I am doing wrong ) , I am open to any suggestino related to Concept of BLE , GAP or Debugging Tool I should be using ??

Code can be found in attachments ( sorry I didn't paste it , as it was not formatted properly )

Thank You
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