ESP-WROVER V2 (aka DevKitJ) - Camera Support

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ESP-WROVER V2 (aka DevKitJ) - Camera Support

Postby krzychb » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:18 am


ESP-WROVER V1 dev board has a camera socket, SD card slot and LCD connection. This make it the platform to develop machine vision applications.

As a follow up on testing of ESP-WROVER V1 with esp32-cam-demo, I would like to propose the following improvements of this board:

1. Change GPIO2 used to reset camera to another pin. Currently user need to manually assert GPIO2 for each upload. That is really annoying during development when doing several uploads. Breaking out camera reset to a pin header with a jumper may be an option if compatibility should be maintained. Ref.

2. Add external memory chip for the frame buffer. Basing on initial testing it is challenging to do more advanced image processing like QR code recognition because of memory limitations. This feature should go in hand with release of 2nd revision of ESP32 initially slotted for March 2017. Ref. ... -264704990 and ... 9246196736

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