BT SPP handling congestions

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BT SPP handling congestions

Postby gunar.kroeger » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:07 pm

What is the correct and robust way of handling congestions for fast BT SPP data transfer from the esp to an android application?

I need to transfer files over bluetooth and it should be as fast as possible, but even if I wait for the ESP_SPP_WRITE_EVT before writing the next message I get the ESP_SPP_CONG_EVT. On my newer phone this congestion clears in about 10ms, which is fine because I still got a speed of 93kb/s. But on an older phone it took about 1,5 seconds, bringing transfer speed down to 11kb/s.

Another question I have is if when receiving ESP_SPP_WRITE_EVT with param->write.cong == 1, will the android app get the full message, or a broken one or none at all?

Thanks :D
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