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file_serving html always ? on the end . WHY

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:14 am

please give me a hint. on every request i have ? on the end.
System: Windows 10 / Chrome / ESp32
example file_serving from idf3.3

HTML request from chrome
HTML:<form action='index.html' method='get'><button class="button">TEST</button></form>

result: (serial Log output)
ESP (346874) file_server: /sy.html?
E (347264) file_server: Failed to stat file : /spiffs/sy.html?
W (347264) httpd_txrx: httpd_resp_send_err: 404 Not Found - File does not exist

if i put the url directly in (http:/ip/sy.html then ist ok