Pipeline and A2DP Sink Example

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Pipeline and A2DP Sink Example

Postby learningWithESP » Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:32 pm

Hello. I am completely new to ESP 32 and hoping to eventually develop my own applications with an ESP32.
I am currently running the pipeline_a2dp_sink_and_hfp unmodified. I use bluetooth on my phone to connect to it. I expected to be able to play media audio (i.e. youtube, music player apps etc) as well as use the speakers to play phone calls.

I am using a Lyrat v4.3 board and have no problems playing media audio, however, when I am in normal cellular phone calls and force the phone to output to the ESP over bluetooth, I hear no sound from either ends of the call.

Have I miss understood how the example works? Is it possible to use the Lyrat as an output for normal phone calls?

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