How to handle JSON config of ESP32-based device

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How to handle JSON config of ESP32-based device

Postby _void_ » Sun Sep 12, 2021 4:25 pm

Dear forum users!
I am newbie in ESP32 programming and in embedded systems themselves. So sorry in advance if I ask something widely knwon or stupid.
I have a question regarding storage and handling of global config for my device. I have a ESP32 board with two sensors attached to it. I need to be able to change individual sensor config via BLE.
Each sensor is being represented as a instance of Sensor class.
I want to implement JSON config like this:

Code: Select all

      "pin": 0,
      "calibrated": false,
      "threshold": 0,
       "jsonParam1": { }
      "pin": 1,
      "calibrated": false,
      "threshold": 0,
       "jsonParam1": { }
and sensor class itself looks like this:

Code: Select all

#ifndef SENSOR_H
#define SENSOR_H
#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
#include "Arduino.h"
#include "WProgram.h"

#include <ArduinoJson.h>
#include "constants.h"

#include "ADS1X15.h"
#include  "SignalSequence.h"

using namespace B;
class sensor {
    String id;
    struct SensorDataHelper
      float param0 = 0;
      float param1 = 0;
      bool param2  = false;
      unsigned long param3 = 0;
      unsigned long param4 = 0;
      int  param5 = 200;

    ADS1115 m_ads;
    float m_threshold;
    bool m_calibrated;
    int m_pin;


    // calibrates device and sets calibration flag to true if success
    bool calibrate();
    // initializes ADS and sets intial variables
    void init();
    // this function is being called continously in void loop() and some decisions are being maed based on it's return value
    int has_data();
    float get_thresh();
    bool isCalibrated();

    void resetCalibrationFlag();
    sensor(JsonObject t_json_conf, ADS1115 t_ads);


And I want to make this config changeable by BLE callbacks and accessible in my entire program. I am thinking of having a Config class or a Singleton that will read my data from SPIFFS , parse them and initialize sensor instances.

So far I have 2 questions:
1. Are my thoughts on handling and storing config correct?
2. How should I keep changes in sync Between BLE callbacks , global config instance and config.json content
Thanks in advance!

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