Can't compile ADF expamles

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Can't compile ADF expamles

Postby proggi_DE » Tue Oct 01, 2019 2:28 pm

I setup my environment with "esp-idf-tools-setup-2.1.exe" under Windows 8. After that the IDF samples can be compiled and flashed without any problems.
Then I added the "esp-adf-master" folder into esp32 folder with the adf-sdk inside and added the environment variable "ADF_PATH" pointing to this folder. But I canot compile the samples without errors:
"CMake Error at C:/Users/test/Desktop/ESP32/esp-idf-v3.3/tools/cmake/component_utils.cmake:20 (message):
Required component esp-adf-libs is not found in any of the provided COMPONENT_DIRS"

I invoke just " build", as recommended in the getting started info. As to be read there, there is no need to use MSYS2 environment. But in the description of adding a path to the environment the is "export....".

Does anyone have a solution/explanation for that?
Why there is a subfolder "esp-idf" under "esp-adf-master"??

Using Windows 8, Phyton 3.7, actual stable versions of idf and adf.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Can't compile ADF expamles

Postby chegewara » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:56 pm

ESP-ADF currently is working with this esp-idf commit, thats why esp-idf folder is inside adf project: ... ad161f2996

You need to change IDF_PATH to point this one inside ADF project or checkout your esp-idf to this commit.

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Re: Can't compile ADF expamles

Postby kokuam » Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:38 pm

Unfortunately it doesn't help :

trying on Windows10 stable esp-idf v3.3
ADF_PATH = C:\Users\myUsername\Desktop\esp-adf
IDF_PATH = C:\Users\myUsername\Desktop\esp-adf\esp-idf
getting the same error as proggi_DE

meanwhile on Debian9 stable esp-idf v3.3 it's working with default PATHs:

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