How to disable or enable right or left microphone?

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How to disable or enable right or left microphone?

Postby utkutpcgl » Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:24 am

For a long time, I have been trying to disable the left microphone and using only the right microphone with i2s_stream (reader). Yet, I have been unsuccessful: I tried to modify many registers with the es8388_write_reg() method. I might not be able to find the appropriate register. Also, it was not clear for me where to put es8388_write_reg() in the code flow. Is it sufficient to put s8388_write_reg() before starting the codec, after starting the pipeline, or after initializing the codec?

So how can I disable the left microphone while leaving the right microphone active?
It is also okay if I manage to disable the LIN1 (left mic in) signal be directed to speaker outputs (or other outputs). It would be nice if you could show me the correct registers to modify and where to put it in my code.

I use Lyrat, idf-4.1 and adf-latest versions.
Thanks in advance.

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