LyraT-based VoIP phone with NFC recognition

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LyraT-based VoIP phone with NFC recognition

Postby Jabberwock » Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:29 pm

I am planning to build a custom VoIP phone for an elderly person with bad eyesight. From what I have read, LyraT seems to be a good solution, as VoIP should be relatively simple to implement. However, the phone needs to be very simple to use, so I am planning to use RFID cards as a means to dial preset numbers - physical buttons are too limiting and any implementation of a phonebook might be too problematic to use.

My issue is that I have found some libraries for NFC modules that could be used with ESP32, but only for the Arduino IDE framework (which I am more familiar with). On the other hand, the VoIP example is only available in ESP-ADF framework (which I do not know yet). Is there a way to make both work together?

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