Strange Crack-Sound on I2S Stream Reader initialisation

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Strange Crack-Sound on I2S Stream Reader initialisation

Postby daywalker79_11 » Tue Jan 25, 2022 5:20 pm

I'm trying to create a record pipeline based on the adf examples.
The pipeline is working, but I've got a strange, loud crack-sound when I start the recording.

I figured out that the call of i2s_stream_init will cause this sound.
Is it a bug, or is there a problem with my code?

Code: Select all

    i2s_stream_cfg_t rec_i2s_cfg = I2S_STREAM_CFG_DEFAULT();
    rec_i2s_cfg.out_rb_size = RB_SIZE;
    rec_i2s_cfg.type = AUDIO_STREAM_READER;
    rec_i2s_cfg.i2s_config.sample_rate = SAMPLE_RATE;
    rec_i2s_cfg.i2s_config.channel_format = I2S_CHANNEL_FMT_RIGHT_LEFT; 
    rec_i2s_cfg.i2s_port = (i2s_port_t)1; 
    rec_i2s_cfg.stack_in_ext = true;
    i2s_stream_reader = i2s_stream_init(&rec_i2s_cfg); // <- This will create the crack-sound
I'm using a lyria-mini v1.2

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