ESP MDF compilation issues

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ESP MDF compilation issues

Postby prasad.samudrala » Tue Sep 19, 2023 4:42 am


I have been trying to compile ESP-MDF with ESP IDF 5.0.3, 5.0.1 and 4.4 versions. It keeps giving some or other errors. I used version 1.0 as well as master branch source code of ESP-MDF both builds are unsuccessful. the target module is ESP3-S3.

I am trying to compile getting-started example in the ESP-MDF (\esp-mdf\examples\get-started)

i have to make the first change inCMakefile.txt in the project t

[*]Add line (include($ENV{IDF_PATH}/tools/cmake/project.cmake) --> to enable the IDF_PATH makeline to even start the code completion
[*]remove line include($ENV{MDF_PATH}/project.cmake)
[*]Then i have to fix an error by adding MDF_VER #define in one of the header files.
[*]Once it started compiling it requests from mesh modules (mcommon, mconfig, mwifi etc. ) not available, i have to move them from mdf component path to idf component path to enable them to compile.

Literally i started moving the all module in mdf component paths but keeps getting some header file missing errors and this goes for ever.

First of all, which version of ESP-MDF to be used with which version of ESP-IDF?
Where to place them (Move the ESP-MDF components to IDF path?) and what changes i have to make to compile them for ESP32S3.

If anyone has compiled ESP-MDF for ESP32-S3, please let me know the steps.


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Re: ESP MDF compilation issues

Postby martins » Tue Sep 19, 2023 8:00 am

Hi, seems like you're almost there, let me clarify few things:

- MDF v1.0 is based on IDF v3.3, don't bother
- MDF master was abandoned around IDF v4.2 so it should be compatible with IDF v4.4
- Don't bother with IDF v5 at first, it would requre much more changes to MDF components
- First IDF version to support S3 was v4.4. Seems like that one is your only option
- Don't bother with MDF build environment, use IDF with MDF as components instead (what you basically did by removing MDF_PATH and adding IDF_PATH instead)

So the steps you did seem quite OK, I would just suggest to move the MDF components to your project's components subfolder (create one if not existing) instead of moving them to IDF path, build system should pick that up automatically. You may also need to move third-party MDF components to same place.

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