File transfer between nodes?

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File transfer between nodes?

Postby scruffynerf » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:13 am

Still getting my feet wet with IDF, ADF, and MDF...

Looking to create an autonomous network of nodes, where data collected will be shared among the nodes. Centralized at the root is fine, but file transfer is needed to and from the nodes.

I'm fine with msging via MESH, but I don't see any way yet to transfer items beyond the most basic message. So far, looks like adding a webserver to root, and allowing it to receive and send files would allow this transfer, but wondering if there is a better mesh enabled method I'm just missing.

Node A is root, B and C are leaf nodes.
C records some data (let's say it's a short wav file, for example, testC.wav). C needs to send it to A and B. I'll fine if all upstream traffic goes to A, (C http uploads testC.wav to A's webserver) and then B is sent a message from A saying "get /testC.wav" (and I'm even ok if we send all nodes that message and C redownloads the file)
So B can then http request /testC.wav. and now all 3 nodes have the file. (The ADF http stream and record to sdcard come to mind as code that works already)

Is there a more "meshy" way to do this?

I'm also ok if it's not root centric, so long as all nodes end up with the file in the end.

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Re: File transfer between nodes?

Postby ESP_LBB » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:47 pm

Hi scruffynerf,

Sorry for the late reply.

Please refer to this Demo to see if it meet your requirements: ... mo/mwifi

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