esp-azure ESP-IDF ESP32 Windows 10 latest recommnded setup?

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esp-azure ESP-IDF ESP32 Windows 10 latest recommnded setup?

Postby JohnDowdell » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:11 pm

I've yet to have any success getting esp-azure to build. I've tried several different configurations.
My main suspicion is that i should be just using make, probably via msys2, probably with a certain version compiler and certain version esp-idf (which may not be an available prebuilt msys2 environment?)
Before I start posting error messages and environment set ups, I think I should go back and try with a recommended setup. I'd appreciate some advice on the correct combination of features below:
CMake in windows shell or make in MSYS? :
esp-idf version:
xtensa compiler version:
if there's a msys or cmake compiler-and-tools premade bundle that works with esp-azure- version?:
esp-azure branch/tag version
required project/ide/sdk folder structure:

Many thanks in advance,

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